Earn Money Shopping Online with cashback

I do not buy anything online without getting cashback from my shopping.

Firstly, let’s explain what a cashback website is incase you don’t have any understanding of them.

Basically you have in mind the website you want to purchase from, but before you go onto this website you go onto the cashback website first who act as an intermediary between you and the end goal. Once on these websites you search for the company you were going to buy with, they will display a percentage you will get back from your purchase. Every retailer has a different offers and sometimes there will be bonus offers with an increased rate. Once you’ve found the retailer you want to buy from you then click a link to take you through to the retailer to make the purchase.

Doing this costs you no additional money in the final sale but the company will pay you money back – almost like a commission of the sale.

Both of these have sign up offers too where you can get bonus money after making a certain amount of cashback on the website (usually once you reach £10 of cashback)

The two main cashback websites I use on the regular are Quidco and Topcashback. They are both incredibly similar but I’ve listed a few pointers below. I am signed up to both and when making a purchase I will look on both of these at which has the best offer and make the purchase through that one.


Has a cashback guarantee offer where if a competitor cashback site is offering a higher rate, they guarantee to beat it – you have to submit this after the purchase.

Has a ‘clicksnap’ grocery cashback app available which I talk more about in this post.

If you sign up using my referral link you will earn a £10 bonus (and so will I).


Topcashback has a free cashback section where you don’t have to make a purchase to get the money but you will still need to click through to another website and complete some kind of action.

Use my tell-a-friend link and you can earn a £5 bonus (and I will too).

Withdrawing Money

Both websites have multiple ways you can redeem your earned money. The way I’ve always chosen is to cash out directly into my bank account which has always been absolutely fine. However if you choose to cash out as a voucher instead then they have some great offers where you get a bonus on top of the amount you’ve earned.

Both have options to upgrade to ‘premium’ or ‘plus’ versions where the cashback rates are higher – however what this means is they will take a portion of your earnings to account for this. If your going to be shopping a lot and making a lot of purchases, this isn’t a problem and you won’t notice it. I wasn’t sure how much I would be purchasing so I downgraded them.

Make sure you use cashback sites before doing any online shopping.

Once signed up to these sites don’t forget to refer your friends to earn your referral money.

Please note this post may contain affiliate or referral links. This means I may make a small commission from you using my links, at no additional cost to you.

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