How to make money from your receipts

I’ve used these mobile receipt apps for a while and so I can vouch that they work and are legitimate.

This is a really easy way for you to earn some money from the things you are buying already and without needing to spend any additional cash.

These all run in a very similar way – you go and do your shopping whatever that may be – supermarket, clothes shopping, eating out, buying petrol – and then once you have your receipt you can upload a photo of the receipt onto the app and they will give you a reward for doing so.

You need to make sure you upload your receipts in a timely manner otherwise you won’t receive any rewards. I try and make a habit of doing it as soon as I get home to ensure it’s done.

You can also save money using food shopping apps before you go shopping to get cashback on products. A blog post that I wrote about these in more detail can be found at this blog post.

Receipt Hog

There are a few bonus ways of earning points on Receipt Hog – coins, hog slots or prize draw.

Upload a photo of your receipt to get a “coin” reward depending on how much the total spend is. Some purchases may instead (or as well) earn you a go on the ‘Hog Slots’ to receive additional “coins”. Every week you consistently upload a receipt you will get entered into a Sweepstake to win a bonus amount of coins.

Once you reach a minimum of 1000 coins you can cash this out for £3. This can be done in the form of either amazon gift card, mastercard prepaid card or paypal payment.

I’ve always taken the Paypal option and not had any issues.


Works in a very similar way to Receipt Hog.

Each receipt upload earns “tokens” and there is a time bonus if you upload the receipt in the same day as the purchase.

There are also additional ways to gain more coins on this app too. For example sometimes you will also be rewarded with a scratchcard with the opportunity to win more tokens. The app will sometimes offer surveys based on the shops you’ve visited. Once completed these will give you more coins and scratchcards to increase your total.

The minimum balance required to trade in for a reward on Shoppix is 3200 tokens to cash out £5. This could be in the form of either Amazon, Itunes, love2shop vouchers or directly into Paypal. Again I have always selected Paypal and encountered no issues to date.

Both of these apps are ones that I’ve been using for over a year to make money from my receipts. I would recommend everyone and anyone to download to make some free money.

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