Ways to make money from home

Here are my top tips for ways to make money from home

I’ve outlined some easy ways you can make money from home during your spare time. These ideas are things you can fit around a job, or whilst we’re all indoors for a bit longer during lockdown.

Declutter and sell those items online

Go through your home and find things you no longer use or love. Get these listed online and sell them on.

There are a range of places you can sell these products to make money from home.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is great option as it’s totally free to sell on here as there are no fees attached. This is more targeted at you sell locally and people can collect – saving you having to post items.


eBay is probably one of the most popular ways of selling items but there are a few things to consider. Firstly, eBay take fees and so do Paypal. So there will be a percentage of your sale that will have to be paid out. Secondly, you need to consider how you will post the item. Selling clothes and smaller items are generally pretty straight forward. However if your looking to sell anything bigger – you need to look into postage options. You can offer a collection option, or you can post via courier.


Shpock is another option and I know people who have sold things here and had good results. The only sale I had on here was a pair of shoes I sold for £3 and I delivered them to her house. I list my items as collection only so I don’t have to go to the post office every 5 seconds but people still make an offer and ask to post. If your happy to do that – then it’s fine but I didn’t want to mess about doing that at the time. Shpock is called the “boot sale” app so there are a few things to bare in mind. The items listed are targeted for local people to collect them. You can’t list products too high otherwise they won’t sell – think boot fair prices. Nearly every single time someone will offer you less than whatever you’ve asked for.

Write an e-Book

Write a ebook and publish on amazon for downloading. This doesn’t mean you have to write a novel, but you certainly could! Writing an e-book could be done in a couple of different ways. If you have an interesting story to create, then put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and sell it! You set the price and although you don’t have to put the price high, it could be a nice way to make money from home. If you have a skill or expertise, write a guide that people would be interested in learning more. This doesn’t have to be done through amazon either, there are other ways to do it but you’d need to do your research.

woman with one hand on a laptop and the other with pen in hand writing into a notebook - promoting writing an ebook to make money from home

Sell your skills

This is selling your skills on websites like fiverr to help others and make money from home. If you have some skills you could sell, go ahead and promote yourself. If you have information and advice you could give then people can pay you for your services. There’s a range of services you could sell on here depending on experience and skills. There are great opportunities if you are good at writing or graphics. If you work in a specialised field you can give advice on that or even employment advice. I mean, you could even offer to do voice over’s if you’re a bit stuck on the skill set side of things and have an interesting voice.

Start a Blog

There are many different blog styles you could get into and eventually you could work to monetizing your blog. You must understand this is a lot of work to get to a point you’ll make money from a blog. This will mean investing time and effort into your blog to help it grow.

There will be a bigger blog post about this to follow with some tips to begin. If you’re looking to get started sooner there is a lot of information about this on the web.

Once your blog is built up a bit then there are ways you can make money. A few examples would include affiliate marketing, sponsored posts or adverts.

woman with feet up using a laptop with both hands to start a blog - just one of the ways to make money from home

Sell your story to a magazine

If you have an interesting tale to tell, you could submit it to a magazine for some extra cash. A lot of publications will do this, for example Take a Break which is a well known magazine platform. Their website says they’ll pay up to £2000 for a story. Now I don’t know how likely it is that you’d get offered this high amount as it doesn’t specify. But it could still be a way of earning some extra money if you wanted to.

Sell handmade items

If you’re artsy or crafty then you can put these skills to good use and create something to sell online. The main place I think of when I think of handmade items is Etsy. It’s a website where you can host a store with your products available for purchase. This way people can search for a product and yours will be listed among other similar items. This saves you having to create and promote your own website.

Women in floral dress sat down knitting with knitting needles creating something from cream wool. Creating something to sell online to make money from home.

Do Surveys

Completing surveys isn’t always the most fun task. Surveys can be time consuming but can make you money if you have the spare time to put into it. They won’t make you rich, I’m sorry to say, but surveys will make you some decent pocket money.

Stream Online

Lots of people are beginning on platforms such as Twitch or Mixer to show off their skills. Streaming means going live online with video and sound for others to watch you. Most people stream playing games but there are other options if you’re not a gamer. If you have a talent you can stream that, for example you can stream yourself doing art. There’s even a topic called “just chatting” where you can literally just sit and chat with your audience. You need to be engaging to do this and build an audience.

There are a few ways this make you money from home including adverts, donations and people subscribing to your channel to support you. Like blogging, this is not an overnight thing and takes work so you need to schedule time in for this one but can be enjoyable. You will also need a microphone, if you can invest in one or have one attached to your headphones this will be fine. It would also be worthwhile in getting a webcam if you haven’t already – especially if you want to be on the ‘just chatting’ category.


Not necessarily a money maker – but competitions are great and getting free products or holidays! A lot of companies do these to promote their products. Some bloggers are provided with products or services to promote. Bloggers, like myself, may want to give something back to readers and run their own competitions – like the one I’m part of that you can enter here.

You can search on twitter using hashtags like #giveaway or #win.

Please note this post includes affiliate or referral links. This means if you follow the link and purchase I may make a small amount from the sale at no additional cost to you.

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