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I will be going through a few different loyalty schemes available and what they offer. Ultimately I will always go with whichever store is going to give me the best value for money in the first place. Then the loyalty scheme they offer is a great bonus on top of that. Don’t just go to a specific store because of the loyalty card – you need to work out what’s going to be more beneficial to you overall.

Supermarkets and their loyalty schemes explained


Sainsbury’s has been partnered with Nectar for a very long time. With nectar points you can trade them in through the nectar website for a range of rewards. This could be in the form of money off your next shop at Sainsbury’s, or it could be money off an experience. At the till it is also common for the printer to give you additional offers on your next shop, fuel or to encourage you to place an order online.

Nectar card is a really useful loyalty card to have as you can also get points through shopping on eBay if you connect your card to your account. You can also link your nectar card to Argos to collect points when you spend online or in-store. To do this you will need to log into your Argos account online and add your nectar card here.

I usually fuel up at Sainsbury’s as it’s the most convenient one for me, and it’s great that I can collect points every time I do so. It’s also very common to get vouchers for bonus points when fueling up.

Collecting Points

collect 1 point per £1 in stores

1 point for every litre of fuel in petrol stations

Spending Points

500 points is £2.50


Tesco has the well-known Clubcard scheme which again, has been around for years! Similarly to Sainsbury’s points, these can be converted to be spent on things other than your food shop and you get a bonus for converting them to this instead.

Collecting Points

You get 1 point for every £1 spent

1 point for every £2 on fuel

Spending Points

150 points = £1.50 in vouchers


Morrisons More card is the newest kid on the block. They will regularly email bonus points offers tailored to you as a user, for example 500 bonus points if you spend £40 (a very achievable spend).

There is also a baby club you can join called Baby&More where you can get additional points when buying items for the baby.

Collecting Points

5 points per £1

5 points per litre of fuel

Spending Points

£5 voucher back for every 5000 points

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