Grocery Cashback Apps I recommend

I’ve been using grocery cashback apps for years and they’ve been amazing at saving money on my food shopping. I highly recommend getting on board with these grocery cashback apps!

When I go food shopping I always make a list before going which is to help keep on budget. I will open up each of these grocery cashback apps and have a look at the offers. The offers usually only last for a limited time, and you also need to check whether the offers are available at your local supermarket. I have found usually the offers are supermarket specific.

Each app will give you a list of products available to purchase where you will get cashback for purchasing those specific products. You make the initial purchase then upload a photograph of your receipt. The company will assess the receipt to make sure you have purchased the correct item and pay your reward appropriately.

Some of these offers will be a partial discount of the item, but quite often products are available completely FREE.

Every single one of these are completely free to sign up to.

The Grocery Cashback Apps I use

Checkout Smart

This is my MOST used shopping app! I find Checkout Smart usually has the most amount of offers and also has some amazing ‘free’ offers.

You have to reach a minimum of £20 in your balance before cashing out otherwise you incur a 5% fee. It’s not difficult to reach that £20 fairly quickly so don’t let this put you off.


This will usually have very similar offers to Checkout Smart. Clicksnap is run by Quidco, the cashback app, and was the very first app I began using to get money off my food shop.

You need a Quidco account to use Clicksnap which you can sign up to here. Clicksnap will pay any money earned directly to your Quidco balance. Quidco is a beneficial website to use in itself to gain cashback shopping online.


Shopmium usually has a lot of new products available, this is a great way to try new things but sometimes I find the products aren’t available in my local stores.

Payout is immediate, you don’t need to reach a minimum balance.

I have a referral link for Shopmium where if you use my referral code you can receive a free Ben & Jerry’s tub of ice-cream! My code is KMMCAHMJ

Green Jinn

This is the newest app I’ve been using but is currently a little more limited in which supermarkets are available – most of the offers are at Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose.

These guys have a many ‘freebies’ available and the app will pay out without needing to meet a minimum.

Once your food shop is complete, you can now upload photos of your receipts to the receipt apps I mentioned in this post.

I also wrote this post where you can also find my Top 10 Tips for saving money on food shopping,

Do you have have any experience with these apps? Also if there are any other grocery cashback apps you think I should know about – let me know!

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