Free Online Games to play with friends

Just for you, I’ve been tirelessly doing research to find the best free online games to play with friends!

And by tirelessly, I mean having an absolute blast.

We’ve had good and we’ve had bad but here we have a list of the good ones! All of these are free to play on either PC or mobile and worth a giggle.

My top chosen free online games for your enjoyment

Cards Against Humanity

Or in this case it’s known as ‘Remote Insensitivity‘.

By now, most people have heard of Cards Against Humanity and if you haven’t – let me explain it for you.

One card gets turned over to be the leading card, and each player has their own hand with cards that offer possible endings or answers to the leading card. Then it’s down the players how silly/weird/gross they want to be with this! Each turn one player is deemed the judge to decide which card they think is the best response. You can set up your own room to play this here

Example screenshot of the Remote Insensitivity gameplay.

Big Potato Games

Big Potato are offering some free online games made from their existing board games. It’s just a PDF of the game so you could either print it out and play with people in your household of could quite easily adapt this to play online with friends too!

Big Potatoes games are a very popular brand in the games industry. They have lots of fun and silly games to play as a group and I’ve used Obama Llama 2 and Bucket of Doom. Both of these games have been a great hit with my family.

Well now they’re offering a few free online games for free along with instructions on how to play them and optimise playing them online with your mates.

They have 2 free online games available – you could print these off and play them but considering your not in the same room this seems almost pointless and a big waste of paper. So the post they’ve written explains the best way to play it over some kind of video chat.

Obama Llama –

This game is all about silly rhymes!

There are 2 different type of cards – ‘Describe it’ or ‘Solve it’

‘Describe it’ cards have a sentence of a celebrity doing something silly but you have to explain it without actually using the words on the card and get people to guess it.

‘Solve it’ cards sort of do this for you, it gives you a sentence you have to read out and the rest of your team need to work out what the rhyme is purely from that one clue alone. No other clues are allowed to be given as help.

It’s not as easy as you might think!

Mr. Lister

Think family fortunes but less family drama! (maybe)

You have one person as the Host and everyone else in 2 teams – the Host then asks a question, e.g. a topic and the 2 teams take it in turns to answer and for each one they get right they get a ‘hit’. After 3 goes each at the same card, the team with the most correct ‘hits’ wins the point.

Effectively a pictionary game where you have to guess what one of your friends is drawing on the screen. You don’t shout the answer out – you type it – so everyone has a go at guessing. The faster you get the right answer. the more points you earn. There is also an option to add your own words into the game which is good fun!


This game can be played online with multiple people, but you will need to split into 2 teams. On each team (red/blue) you need to appoint someone as the ‘Spymaster’. This person will be able to see which words are relevant to their team but the rest of the team will only see the board of words. It’s then the spymasters job to guide the team to the right answers.

The grid below is an example of the Spymaster’s view.

Example screenshot of gameplay of the game Codenames. It is a grid with blocks filled with words. Each words is a different colour, some red, some blue and some black. There is one box shaded out.

Spymaster will then give a clue and the number of cards on the board in your teams colour that relates to the clue. For example if I was playing in the red team I might say ‘Animal – 3’ which would be mammoth, lion and buck. If the team select these 3 then you get 3 points.

However if your team were to select an opponents card they get the point. So for example my team may have accidentally chosen centaur.

If you select a black card, your teams turn is immediately over.

If your team selects the shaded out word – your team automatically loses.

There’s a few great options there to try out! My friends, family and I have had great fun giving all of these a go!

If you’re looking for more things to keep you occupied, I also have a post about getting a free trial of Disney+ here

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