Disney+ Free Trial

Here I’m going to tell you all about Disney+ free trial available to enjoy all the Disney your heart could handle.

Everyone loves Disney in some form or another, and if they say they don’t – well then they must be lying!

At the moment there has been a lot of hype around Disney+. This is majorly because they are offering free trials – currently one week. This means you have one week to cram in as many Disney movies as you possibly can. Obviously we all need this to get through lockdown!

You can sign up at to Disney for free, but you do need to make sure to cancel before the 7 days are up if you don’t want to begin paying. The cost of the usual subscription is fairly reasonably priced mind you, and whilst we’re all indoors maybe now isn’t such a bad time to invest and pay for it. If you did want to continue Disney+ will cost £5.99 a month or £59.99 for a whole year – your choice.

The offering on Disney+ is incredible, with old films and new! There are both movies and series available. Let’s remember this also includes the highly talked about Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. Disney+ isn’t all just children’s TV.

Pinterest graphic stating the disney+ 7 day free trial information with a photo of a young boy infront of a tv

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