Budget Beauty Brands and their amazing affordable beauty products

Here are my favourite brands and what they offer in the big wide world of the beauty industry.

I think there are some really great products being churned out in the beauty market at the moment from all brands. There are some seriously strong high street contenders in the market now-a-days, meaning it’s so easy to access amazing affordable beauty products on a budget.

I’ve tried and tested many products from these brands and can highly recommend every single one.

Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty have been absolutely slaying the industry for affordable beauty products, offering both skincare and make up. Basically this means everything you can think of, they can do it. Revolution are also great at being at the forefront of trends, this means they are always quick to have the latest trends at affordable pricing.

Revolution Beauty banner to advertise the brand, there is a conceal & define concealer standing upright next to the words "ageless. unisex. affordable. cruelty free."

They have a large selection of eye shadow palettes with beautifully curated eye shadow mixes to compliment each other. I have had many and will continue purchasing. The quality and design are wonderful.

Skincare is a also a big part of this brand and they have delivered a great selection. They have managed keep in line with their brand and having it at a low value. These skincare products aren’t too dissimilar to The Ordinary which I’ve listed below too.

All products are cruelty free and they have a great selection of Vegan products too.

a pale peach colour make up powder product is smashed across a white background with a powder covered black make up brush laying beside it.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary are predominantly skin care with a foundation or two available as well.

These guys threw a massive curve ball in when they grew rapidly in the UK, offering really great skin care products at a fraction of the price. They looked like scientific little clear bottles with pipettes (a design most other brands have gone with). These products have included the likes of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and many other fancy sounding skin care. I must stress this right here – You need to make sure you look at the correct usage instructions. Not using these products as the guidelines state could damage your skin rather than help it.

The foundations are highly coveted too, both with amazing reviews. These are priced at a ridiculous £6 each which is amazing for a foundation so highly raved about. There are 2 offerings – ‘Serum‘ and ‘Coverage’. Serum is a lighter coverage foundation, it can be built up slightly but will only offer a medium coverage at most. The ‘Coverage‘ foundation is basically exactly as it’s named – covering and classed as full coverage. I personally use the serum foundation which is lightweight and silky.

Two hands are using a skincare product. One hand is raised higher holding a pipette from a serum product and is dripping a few drops onto the outstretched hand below ready to catch.

MUA MakeUp Academy

I find MUA very hit or miss with their products but the prices are amazing. The prices are some of the lowest around and there are some great products in there to be found, no doubt. MUA is great for trying out new makeup, colours or styles at a low price.

MUA have a large range of products and it’s definitely worth a play to see what products you like. They are available to purchase online or at Superdrug if you want to play with them before buying. Bear in mind though, they tend to sell out of a lot of bits in Superdrug and don’t have the full product line available.

Red lipstick standing upright with the lid off to show the colour. The lipstick is standing on top of an opened out tissue with a red love heart drawn on it.

Don’t forget if you buy anything online – make sure you get cashback on all your shopping.

More about online cashback here

Have you tried anything from these brands before? What are your favourite brands or affordable beauty products?

Let me know if you want me to do a post about a particular brand, and what my favourite products from them are!

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