Hi, I’m Ashley.

I grew up in a family that didn’t have a load of spare money, we got by and my sisters and I were loved and cared for and always got the things we wanted where our parents could.

However, as family we were just getting by, so as I started earning my own money and understanding the world I began looking into saving money. I began entering competitions, gathering coupons, price comparing online before buying anything. I became the “go-to” person in my family for anything to do with finances or shopping or anything else!

I’ve continued with this as I grew up – I’ve saved money wherever I can and looked into ways to make additional money. I worked a full time job but with paying rent and bills, money was tight and I needed to try and make things better.

Now I want to share this with others, old tricks and new, and hopefully help other people to improve their finances and save some money where they can.